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 1) How and why did the Independent Party of Delaware (IPoD) form?

     A sufficient number of people decided that they were thoroughly fed up with corrupt and inept closed-loop special interest-driven bipolar Delaware politics as usual and registered as IPoD members. On August 29, 2000, the party achieved ballot status in Delaware after the required number of valid signatures were submitted.

2) What makes the IPoD different from the Democratic and Republican parties?

     Its inclusive and creative centrist trans-disciplinary post-political approach to problem-solving and its policy of Free Ballot Access.

3) What is Free Ballot Access?

    Not having to pay a “filing fee” (or legalized bribe) to a political party to get one’s name on the ballot in a primary or general election. Currently, the Delaware Election Code (15 Del. C.) enables political parties to set filing fees as high as one and one-half percent (1 ½ %) of the total salary of the term of office. The State of Delaware actually collects filing fees for the parties by requiring a check to be stapled to candidate filing forms. In contrast, the IPoD filing fee is set at $0.00, enabling a wider range of candidates to participate in the electoral process.

4) What is the basis of IPoD’s political ideology?

    The IPoD prefers dynamic, open-ended, creative and innovative methodology over rigidly defined political ideology. Instead of telling people what to think and how to think, the party actively encourages people to think freely, inventively, practically and constructively in search of solutions to our common problems.

5) Has the IPoD ever won an election?

     YES.  A former Clerk of the City of New Castle was elected while registered with the Independent Party of Delaware.

6) What is IPoD’s major purpose?

    To place more power in the hands of the People, in contrast to insiders and special interests, through a post-political paradigm shift of major government reform in the greater public interest by preserving constitutional rights and extending civil liberties.

 7) What is a paradigm shift?

     A paradigm shift is the realization of keys to new knowledge, enabling conceptual advancement and forward development. Just as the former American Colonies declared their independence from the British monarchy and formed the United States of America as a constitutional republic, modern Delawareans can declare their independence from dysfunctional bipolar politics as usual by electing IPoD candidates.

 8) What would be the major result of a paradigm shift in Delaware politics?

    Curbing the inordinate amount of special interest influence and fundamentally changing the relationship of the People and the state, by making it more responsive to the electorate at-large.

 9) Does the IPoD charge annual dues?

     NO, but we welcome contributions.

10) How does IPoD choose its candidates?

IPoD nominates and certifies its candidates by through a convention process, as it is currently legally precluded from primary elections. 30,000 additional IPoD registrations will permanently change this situation and remove the last barrier to political equality in Delaware.

11) Is the IPoD nationally affiliated with other parties?

      NO. Not yet, as a unified national independent party has not formed.



America has a two-party system.

YES and NO. The two major parties have sought to monopolize their hold on power by making it difficult for other parties to get on the ballot, but they are not enshrined in the US Constitution, per se. The right of other parties to form is covered under First Amendment Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Assembly.

It has always been this way and it will never change.

George Washington despised political parties and was elected President by acclamation. The first major American political parties were known as the Whigs and Federalists. The Democratic and Republican parties replaced them in the mid 19th Century, when the former parties no longer represented the will of the People.

People have to register as Democrats or Republicans in order to vote in primaries.

TRUE, under the current electoral scheme; however, the IPoD will be eligible to participate in primary elections when it reaches five percent (5%) of total Delaware voter registration. This raises constitutional questions of equal protection under the law, as the State of Delaware has taken over the cost and management of primary electrons from major parties, thereby affording them a major political benefit at public expense.

Third Parties are less “respectable” or “legitimate”.

It ultimately depends upon the parties and their candidates and their commitment to public service and constitutional liberty. Compare the IPoD’s platform to the platforms of other parties and see for yourself.

IPoD has political bosses just like the Democrats and Republicans.

This is a complete fabrication, as the IPoD has a rather flat hierarchy, based on talent rather than rank.

The IPoD must eventually choose to support one of the two major parties.

NO. Under the current political environment of extreme left/right-wing polarization, duplicity and distortion, the IPoD does not wish to soil itself with an alliance with any so-called major party. IPoD endorsements of other candidates are relatively rare and are made under extraordinary constitutional and/or public interest circumstances.

IPoD is too small to be effective.

NO. While we value quality over quantity, we are steadily growing , as increasing numbers of voters are increasingly disgusted and alienated from the two ruling parties.

A vote for a third party is a wasted vote.

Not voting is a wasted vote; however, given the limited choice of run of the mill politicians, it is quite understandable that increasing numbers of people do not vote for the status quo. If they voted for a constructive alternative, positive changes can occur.

The IPoD is composed of space aliens whose real goal is to conquer Delaware.

LOL. Some fifth-rate political amateur hacks from an opposing party posted this one some years ago and we are still chuckling. The truth is that the IPoD is composed solely of carbon-based human lifeforms. Unfortunately, the Delaware political landscape has long been conquered by special interest groups at public expense and will continue to be occupied as long as people keep on electing the same politicians from the same old parties.

The People are powerless to stop the political parties.

Nothing is further from the truth! If the Democratic and Republican parties no longer serve your best interests and the greater public interest, you have the power to "drain their swamps" by withdrawing your good name for their ranks and joining a party more responsive to your political will.

Persons registered with a given political party are legally obligated to vote for their candidates.

NO. Voters can vote for their preferred candidates, regardless of party affiliation and there is nothing that their party bosses can do about it.


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