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People Making Policy

  As an IPoD member, you will have the right to vote in an Independent Primary (when ​

  total voter registration reaches 5%), participate in creative projects, shape the issues   and get on the ballot free (if nominated)  without gathering hundreds or thousands of   unaffiliated petition signatures if you decide to run for public office.


Look for the code letter " W " on your voter registration card. It signifies that you are an IPoDmember. Counterintuitively, an " I " indicates that you are actually UNAFFILIATED (when it should theoretically be abbreviated with a " U "). If your polling card indicates that you are UNAFFILIATED, when it was your original intent to register as an Independent Party of Delaware member, this situation can easily be remedied by a change of registration.


quality candidates in the public interest.

To beconsidered, join the party and contact us by phone at

(302) 354-6452 or  e-mail:


Running for public office is a major committment.


is looking for      

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     If you support our Platform, please register as an


     When 5% of the registered Delaware voters switch

     their party affiliations to the IPoD, we will be able to

     hold OPEN PRIMARIES, where the People --  NOT

     the Democrat and Republican Party bosses -- choose

     their candidates.

      When you register, please exactly specify the

      INDEPENDENT PARTY of DELAWARE             

      (NOT "Independent" or "Independent Party").

     Otherwise, you will be classified as an Unaffiliated  

     voter under 15 Del.C. (The IPoD is the only party to  

     which this situation applies.) *

         We are aware of numerous occurances of persons being

      classified as uaffiliated, whose original intent was to join theIPoD.

Please contact us with relevant details if this happens to you.    

(302) 354-6452


           When you register with the IPoD, please let us know.


           E-mail:  or

            Call :     (302) 354-6452.


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