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People Making Policy

POWER is Ultimately in Your Hands

People Making Policy


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      Ultimately, it is up to the People -- NOT the politicians -- to Reset the Future of              Delaware. After all, political parties are merely man-made mechanisms that can             be altered by the People to serve the Public Interest.

      The  Democrat and Republican  parties  had nothing to do with drafting the                    Declaration  of  Independence  and the  Constitution  of the  United States.                    In fact, George Washington served two terms as President unaffiliated with

       any political party.  Consequently, the two "major" parties have no exclusive                  claim on the American Spirit and the American People.

       When we reach a political tipping point where the majority of voters no longer

       realize that they are serving the People (and instead serve special interests),

       they will go the way of the Whigs and Federalists.

       The greatest power  that the People have in this case is the  POWER of

       WITHDRAWAL from the Democrat and Republican parties in defense of

       individual Freedom and Liberty. If you want to change government, change  

       parties and alter the current power alignment in your favor.

​       Five percent ( 5% ) of Delaware's registered voters have the power to alter

       the present candidate selection process by bringing about open primaries

       by joining the  Independent Party of Delaware,  where the People instead 

       of  the D and R party bosses -- will choose their candidates.

       Accordingly, by registering with the IPoDwe cordially invite you to make a                    positive difference for the future of Delaware and Delawareans by sending                    an unforgettable  message to politicians that they are our Public Servants --

       NOT our masters.

       Finally, our post-political approach has national and global implications and                    we invite a broader and deeper dialogue beyond current partisan polarization.

YOU Can Make a Difference.