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People Making Policy

Establish an independent state Office of Inspector General to combat public Waste, Fraud, Abuse, Mismanagement and Corruption; and restore PUBLIC INTEGRITY

Initiative, Referendum and Recall

Term Limits

Oppose the proposed state "Water TAX" in favor of public-private partnerships to implement profitable job-creating sustainable technology to restore the quality of Delaware waterways instead of larger environmental bureaucracy

Hold municipal elections, school and sewer district referenda on general Election Day



             Please let us know about issues and concerns important to

         you, as we are a party reflective of the greater public interest.

             The rapidly growing bloc of unaffiliated voters in Delaware

        indicates that the "major" parties are out of touch with citizens

        and are losing political ground, largely due to their special interest 

        orientation and overly hierarchical nature on top of their general 

        stagnation entrenchment in government.

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            Oppose Revocation of Senior Citizen Property Tax Breaks


              Oppose proposed WATER TAX.

              Streamline government organization.......

              Hold School and Sewer District Referenda with the General Election.          

              Reorient State Economic Development Policy towards small and    

              medium business, sustainable agriculture and innovation.

              Eliminate unnecessary counter-producive regulations and     

              special interest favortism.