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Date / Time: July 30, 2020 2:00PM til 3:30 PM

Location: The Landing @ Plantation Lakes Main Ballroom

                  off RT 24 West of Millsboro, DE

Featured Speakers:

Mark W Turley –  US Senate Candidate

Don Ayotte – State Chairman, IPoD

The Independent Party of Delaware will offer a brief history of the party and remarks about the current political climate in our nation and Delaware. The speakers will present their backgrounds and main platform issues. There will be a brief Q&A session following the speaker lineup. The event is FREE to all attendees offering light snacks (veggie/fruit) along with coffee/tea/water/soft drinks.

RSVP  Seating is Limited.               For Reservations, call (302) 988-4050

on November 3.

I will work for the people who elected me, not a political party or lobbyist.

You have my commitment to bring my work ethic and drive to the US Senate. Building coalitions, solving problems and eliminating abuse, waste and fraud in our government at all levels are my top priorities.

I am humbled at the opportunity to run and to have the chance to potentially serve the citizens of the great state of Delaware and this great country. As an Independent, you have my sincere commitment to serve our nation and the People.


Mark Turley

The FIRST STATE to ratify  the U.S. Constitution

in 1776 can be on the cutting edge of FREEDOM

and INDEPENDENCE from dysfunctional politics

as usual in 2020  by voting outside the two-party

box on NOVEMBER 3.

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Mark Turley Works for YOU!

Government Reform:

Attack abuse, waste and fraud in our government at all levels
Support Term Limit legislation for the House and Senate


Provide affordable health care and affordable prescription drug prices for all
Provide a solid safety net for those who cannot afford health care benefits

Energy and Environment:

Work to achieve an effective mix of energy including renewables and drive

effective policies to protect our environment

Social Programs:

Provide a platform for sustainable social programs


Drive the education decision making process to the state and local levels