. Revitalize Delaware's economy towards  dynamic sustainability.

. Transforming Delaware towards a more innovative and culturally advanced 


. Cut bureaucratic red tape for starting small businesses and minimizing             counter-productive regulations .

.  Regenerating Delaware's public school system for all students.

       --- bringing back higher standards , enhancing science,math, the arts and  vocational education

. Solving our Homeless Crisis

. Reformulating Delaware's drug addiction strategy

. Rebuilding Delaware's Infrastructure

.​  Raise Drinking Water Quality

Kathy DeMatties for Governor

. Curtail abusive government powers and protect constitutional liberties.

.Protecting our most vulnerable residents

. Prison Reform

. Farmland Preservation, sustainable agriculture, food processing  and

      related agri-business vertical integration.

.  Ending Megacorporate Welfare


.  Combating Government Waste, Fraud and Corruption

.  Family Court Reform -- Equity for all concerned

. Crack Down on Human Trafficking   


          Independent Party of DelawareOfficial Website

    (302) 988-4050

                    www.independentpartyofdelaware.com                                                                                                             ipodosc@yahoo.com

People Making Policy

Lady Liberty is Calling. VOTE for Kathy

  Make Delaware FIRST Again

DEMATTEIS for Governor 

​​​​My name is Kathy DeMatteis and I am running to give back to the People of Delaware what has been lost. WE need a new future course – a bright, sustainable and inclusive future for all Delawareans.

I have a plan for Delaware and with your help we are going to restore our rights and make Delaware sparkle like the Diamond she is.

Let's bring back manufacturing to the First State and restore the opportunity that was once Delaware!

Delaware needs NEW Alternative Vision.
Lady Liberty is Calling!

On November 3, let's DECLARE OUR INDEPENDENCE from politics as usual and take back our government in true service to the People instead of the insiders and special interests.

Together, WE can make a difference, reopen and revitalize our state and shine forth into the New Era of  Freedom and Prosperity...


Left to right:

Conrad DeMatties, Kathy DeMatties, Lt. Governor Candidate Kevin Baron

Official Website.