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Prison Reform

1. Independent Review Board

End Corruption and Abuse of power 

Transform Prison Education System 

Elimination of Slave Labor

Overhaul institutional health and sanitation policy 

Safety for All inside our prisons

Establish and Maintain a Fundamental Human Rights Code.

Lady Liberty is Calling. VOTE for Kathy

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De Matties for Governor

Liberate the Diamond State 

DEMATTEIS for Governor 




Call: Kathy DeMatteis (302)  275-9348 for further information.
Limited to 100 attendees due to Governor's EDICT.


Opposing candidates are cordially invited to debate IPoD candidates in a free an open forum with live questions form the audience.


Admission is FREE but we appreciate your support


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Come join Kathy DeMatties & Catherine StoneStreet Purcell as the Ladies of The Independent Party of Delaware serve appetizing comic genius to the constituents of Delaware with our

Crabby Dip
Followed by:
Ensalada de Blunt for those watching their financial "waste" line. 
Our Main Entree is

Chicken Ala Carney for no doubt he won't show! 
With a side of

Murray Mac n Cheese, Murphy Baked Beans with a side of

corn bread highlighting the Agriculture of Delaware! 
A cordial of Witzke to "take a shot" at Coons & Turley as Pumpkin Chunking Roll takes a hit.  
Producing enough laughs to round out the Independent Show! 


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     Kathy was born in Wilmington, Delaware to William and Joanne Andreavich on February 1, 1970.  She is a 1988 graduate of Christiana High   

     School, where she focused on business studies.

     In 1997, she graduated from massage school and subsequently graduated from skin care school in 2001, where she spent the next 22 years

     building her private practice until she retired in 2018. She is the mother of three children and three grandchildren.

     Kathy built a skin care line of products that she used in her private practice and marketed up and down the East Coast at various Mind, Body

     and Spirit festivals.

     She is a published author on her life and spirituality, which landed both her an opportunity to appear in a documentary on homelessness in 

     Nevada with her husband, Conrad.

     They are both spiritual healers, Reiki Masters and ordained ministers. Kathy’s second book, The Secret Life: The Stimulus Package, co-

     authored with Conrad, is their vision of the future, incorporating over fifteen other individuals and their businesses into their story line with

     the intention to bring of dreams of peace and blueprints prosperity to life.

     Kathy and Conrad sold their house in Newark, Delaware where they lived and raised their family for sixteen years. In April of 2019, they

     began a nationwide tour, selling their brand. Their book was recorded with Dr. Andrew Barrett, of the Minnesota Orchestra, who is arranging

     the music score in the audio book.

     Her plan was to turn her books into a movie and use the proceeds to establish alternative healing destinations around the United States.

     In April of 2020, she redirected her efforts and decided to go straight into the snake pit of Delaware politics to run for Governor on the

     Independent Party of Delaware ticket. Her main goal is to defend the constitutional freedom and liberty of and bring her Stimulus Package

     to life for the People she loves the most – her fellow Delawareans, who she considers the real Diamonds of Delaware.

. Curtail abusive government powers and protect constitutional liberties.

.Protect our most vulnerable residents

. Prison Reform

. Farmland Preservation, sustainable agriculture, food processing  and

      related agri-business vertical integration.

.  End Megacorporate Welfare


.  Combat Government Waste, Fraud and Corruption

.  Family Court Reform -- Equity for all concerned

. Crack Down on Human Trafficking   




Kathy DeMatteis for Governor

. Revitalize Delaware's economy towards  dynamic sustainability.

. Transform Delaware towards a more innovative and culturally advanced 


. Cut bureaucratic red tape for starting small businesses and minimizing             counter-productive regulations .

.  Regenerate Delaware's public school system for all students.

       --- Set higher standards, enhance science, math, the arts and vocational education

. Solve our Homeless Crisis

. Reformulating Delaware's drug addiction strategy

. Rebuild Delaware's Infrastructure

.​  Raise Drinking Water Quality

KATHY CARES ABOUT ALL DELAWAREANS -- not just the insiders and special interests...

Liberate the Diamond State

Kathy DeMatties for Governor

​​​​My name is Kathy DeMatteis and I am running to give back to the People of Delaware what has been lost. WE need a new future course – a bright, sustainable and inclusive future for all Delawareans.

I have a plan for Delaware and with your help we are going to restore our rights and make Delaware sparkle like the Diamond she is.

Let's bring back manufacturing to the First State and restore the opportunity that was once Delaware!

Delaware needs NEW Alternative Vision.
Lady Liberty is Calling!

On November 3, let's DECLARE OUR INDEPENDENCE from politics as usual and take back our government in true service to the People instead of the insiders and special interests.

Together, WE can make a difference, reopen and revitalize our state and shine forth into the New Era of  Freedom and Prosperity...

People Making Policy